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1800 to 1100 Years Ago: Life on the Prairies SITES: 3 of 4

Out on the prairies of Western Nebraska, nearly 1,800 to 1,200 years ago, the land was wetter.

Nebraska Badlands
Today’s Nebraska Badlands. Courtesy UNL Department of Anthropology

The ancient people who called this place home used the land and the wild plants they found there to live. There was more to life on the ancient prairies than hunting bison! Learn about Nebraska’s changing landscape in this site from western Nebraska’s Oglala National Grasslands in the Teacher Activities button below.

ancient pit hearth Ancient pit hearth with cobbles, seen from side.
Courtesy UNL Department of Anthropology
diagram of reconstructed pit hearth Diagram of a reconstructed pit hearth.
Courtesy UNL Department of Anthropology

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