Nebraskans on the Front Lines
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Nebraska’s National Guard

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Nebraska National Guard Headquarters
Headquarters for the 134th Infantry in 1944.
Col. Miltonberger is at the far left.
Courtesy Nebraska State Historical Society, RG3558-123

Regular military units are generally made up of men and women from different regions of the country. National Guard units are based in individual states. So, when a state’s National Guard unit distinquishes itself, it is often a source of pride for the entire state. That was the case with the 134th National Guard unit from Nebraska during World War II.

Nebraska’s National Guard were among the first Nebraskans to go to war. In reaction to the war in Europe, the 134th Regiment — "Nebraska’s Own" — mobilized in December, 1940, as part of the Thirty-fifth Division and assembled at Camp Joseph T. Robinson in Arkansas under the command of Butler Buchanan Miltonberger.

Nebraska’s National Guard was called up even before the war began. There was a lot of patriotic fervor when the Nebraska National Guard was mobilized in 1940.
From the 1991 NET Television program All Hell Can’t Stop Us

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