Nebraska Beef Goes Global
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Beef Life Cycle

Beef Life Cycle
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Beef Life Cycle Photo Gallery

Angus bull cow and calf cowboys roping calf for branding
cowboys and cattle on dirt road Hereford cow and calf Bassett auctioneers
feed lot meat hanging in slaughter house picnic with grilled hamburgers

Producing beef takes longer than you might think. The production cycle, from the time a cattle breeder chooses his or her breeding stock to the delivery of beef to the consumer, spans nearly two years. Breeders, ranchers, feeders, processors, and distributors work within this cycle to keep grocery stores and restaurants well supplied to meet the needs of their customers.

cowboy and longhorn herd
Cowboy and longhorn herd in the Sandhills, Nebraska.
From the 2008 NET Television program, Beef State

Find out about the award-winning, 20th century, Sandhills quilter, Grace Snyder,
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